Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

And that means food, food and more food. It’s almost 70 degrees in Boulder, CO, right now, so before I buckle down to start food preparations, I’m going for a walk to pre-emptively mitigate the damage that dinner will do. has a neat calorie calculator to measure calories expended during a non-Nordic Walk. Enter your weight, distance and time, and it will figure the calories you burn. Then do a little more math, by upping that total by as much as 40 percent to factor in the calorie-burning bonus that Nordic Walking provies. I’ve also seen it rounded off to 400 calories per hour for Nordic Walking compared with 280 for “regular” walking. Either way, you’ll get a sense of how much how much credit or debit you’ll have going to the table tomorrow. I’m going to do that — and I’ll try not to taste too much while I’m cooking.