Department of Misinformation, XV

Nordic Walking is a slow activity? Not exactly, though Dallas site claims it is

Until just a couple of posts ago, it had been quite some time since I came across a qualifier for the Department of Misinformation. but here’s doozy of a post from a Dallas real estate developer or management firm for residents of The Green in the Village.

Never mind that the post begins with condescenion (italics mine), “If you want an easy, effective workout and you don’t embarrass easily, then Nordic walking is the perfect exercise for you.” Never mind that the blogger also describes Nordic Walking poles as being “cute” and introduces the phrase, “sidewalk skiing,” yet another phrase for Nordic Walking (as if there weren’t enough already).

Then, the blogger (username: amarie2) wrote this major bit of misinformation, “With the aid of cute (I use this term loosely) Nordic walking poles (basically ski poles), you slowly walk through your neighborhood or local trail. In a nutshell, you will look like you are skiing on the sidewalk. Although you are walking slower, with Nordic walking you can increase your calorie burn about 20 percent over walking.”  Walking slowly? What?

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