International Fitness Week, February 1-7, 2010

Good idea, but no North American and not always Nordic Walking

International Fitness Week is scheduled for February 1-7, 2010, and while it is multi-national, it is hardly global. Promoted by Fitness First, a consortium of 540 health clubs in 17 countries, its goal is stated as, “We want to make the world a fitter place and inspire you to make a change to lead a healthier lifestyle. Anyone can get involved with free gym passes, taster sessions, health checks and advice from the experts.” Its real goal, of course, is drumming up business for those 540 clubs.

The information is different from country to country. The UK page includes a multiple-choice question asking what fitness item people would want from Santa Claus. It lists everything from celebrity fitness DVDs to an at-home smoothie maker, but no Nordic Walking poles. Not surprisingly, the German section includes a search function that comes up with 30 Nordic Walking opportunities. The United States and Canada are not among the countries with Fitness First affiliates (Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore, as well as the UK and several other Asian and European countries).

I really am happy every time health, fitness and wellness being promoted, and I’m every happier when Nordic Walking is one of the options, even if North America does not seem to be poised to celebrate International Fitness Week,

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