Top Walking Trends of the Decade

Nordic Walking makes a “trends” list, but with reservations

Wendy Bumgardner, who writes about walking for, cited Nordic Walking as one of the top walking trends of the decade, but with a disclaimer. “Nordic walking – walking with fitness walking poles – is big news and big business in Europe,” she wrote. “Trails, resorts, and vacation packages are being built for nordic walking. I walked on dedicated nordic walking trails in the Alps where you could check out a timing chip and record your time. In the USA, small steps forward were taken as the Portland Marathon added a Nordic Walking division to their 10K Mayor’s Walk, but few joined in.” Sigh.

Five other trends that she mentioned: pedometers (I use one), marathons and half-marathons (I haven’t done anything longer than 10K), GPS and mapping (including, computer-linked pedometers and online wellness programs (New Year’s resolution, maybe) and research supports walking and other moderate exercise for health and fitness.

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