Wordless Nordic Walking Video

Nordic Himusz: Five minutes of video fun

The word “himnusz” sounds Hungarian, but I’m not sure what it means — maybe “walking” ot maybe “barefoot and bare-butt”? In any case, “Nordic Himnusz” is a  wordless 4-minute, 42-second YouTube video by one J.M. Jarre showing a animinated nekkid guy walking and walking and walking some more with poles. He walks straight ahead with unwavering determination passing through various scenes and colors. In fact, the figure himself changes colors. There’s music but no dialogue. A little psychedelic inspiration, perhaps? J.M. Jarre might be Jean Michel Jarre, a French composer and performer. There’s also a credit for Doro Digital. The English Doro Digital that makes supplies for large-format printers? The Doro Digital cordless phone? Probably not, but I have no no idea what it might be . And Nordic Walker? Who knows what his inspiration might be. In any case, take a look.

4 thoughts on “Wordless Nordic Walking Video”

  1. Claire,

    This .gif has been on the web for some time. The graphics and music were added by someone with too much time to kill. I use the raw clip to show the proper form and how the upper body (triceps) get involved.

    Rick D.

  2. Rick – You're light-years ahead of me. I just found it — somehow, through someone. Interesting that you found a valid use for it. I was just intrigued.

  3. Hi Claire,

    I'm hoping that if I watch the little guy for long enough I will lose some weight!

    He belongs to the organisation INFO – International Nordic Fitness Association (have a look at http://www.nordicfitness.net)

    This is also the organisation who uses the seven step ALFA technique – I believe it's a NW methodology and not just a pretty car. I have been trying to find out exactly what it means for some time now.

    Best wishes to all,
    Malcolm Jarvis, Editor http://www.nordicwalkingmagazine.com

  4. Malcolm – You're light-years ahead of me as well. Thanks for the provenance of this determined little pole-walking man.

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