Department of Misinformation, XVI

Is the Stoweflake’s program Nordic Walking on snow or snowshoeing with poles?

Or  could it be either, depending on trail conditions? I think I know what Patricia Harris and David Lyon meant in their piece called “Who says you have to ski to have fun?

“Feet feeling Nordic? This brisk activity using specialized poles works your body like a blend of yoga, cross-country skiing, and aerobics. By adding snowshoes to the mix, the winter version engages upper body muscles and simultaneously tones the abs. Chad Couto leads classes throughout the week on the groomed cross-country trails at Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa, but he gets really juiced about the 90-minute Saturday Nordic Walking Adventure excursion that goes beyond the resort to the Stowe Recreation Path and wooded trails. ‘If we are lucky,’’ he says, ‘we even get to spot deer and other critters.’ 1746 Mountain Road, Stowe, Vt., 800-253-2232, Nordic walking classes $15, includes snowshoes, poles, and instructor; see website for schedule. Nordic Walking Adventure at 10 a.m. Saturdays, $20.”

The cost of Stoweflake’s Nordic Walking classes includes use of snowshoes and poles, so is it a Saturday Nordic Walking adventure or a snowshoeing adventure? If you read it straight rather than reading between the lines, the graph above seemed a tad confusing to me.