Department of Misinformation, XVII

“Collapsible ski poles”?!?!?! Say, what?

A UK site called Independent Minds, which might be an online versiuon of a print publication, ran a piece called “Five Spots for Winter Rambles,” describing fabulous-sounding route suggestions from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye. I’d love grab my poles to explore any or all of them.

One of the route listings contained this information (italics mine):

“How to do it: This is relatively easy walking, and well signed with Forestry Commission waymarkers to guide you; but if you do fancy joining a group, there’s a regular Nordic walking society (it’s walking but with collapsible ski poles to help exercise the upper body too) who take trips to Peaslake and neighbouring Hurt Wood.

“Further info: has plenty of info on the Nordic walking tours of the area, and the Hurtwood Inn Hotel can be found at”

How confusing to the non-Nordic Walker to read that collapsible ski poles help exercise the upper body. Would that insprie anyone to contact to learn more? I don’t think so.

One thought on “Department of Misinformation, XVII”

  1. Bless their hearts! The very image of ski poles collapsing in stride gave me a case of the giggles.

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