SPIbelt Holds "Stuff" While Nordic Walking

Convenient, commodious and comfortable sports belt comes in various styles and sizes

When I go out for a two-mile morning walk with my neighbor, I grab my poles, stick my house keys in the pocket of whatever I am wearing (and I make sure it’s not a pocketless tights/T-shirt combo) and off we go. When I jump into the car and head out for a longer walk on a trail somewhere in the area with my husband and/or friends, I usually take a fanny pack so I can carry a water bottle, a wallet, sunscreen, an energy bar and so forth. It’s a little bulky and awkward, but I’ve gotten used to it.

I didn’t know there was anything in between until SPIbelts hit my radar screen. They are designed for runners, so they reportedly do not bounce or shift and even the simplest of the several models can expand to hold an iPod or Blackberry, cell phone, keys, up to five GU or other energy packs, and other small personal items such as lip balm or sunscreen.They come in several models, from a simple belt  in a rainbow of colors ($19.95) to a SPIbelt with an inner pocket ($21.95). There’s a SPIbelt that holds a water bottle, a SPIbelt with secure loops for holding energy bars, a SPIbelt with some sort of clip to accommodate a racing number and a pink-trimmed SPIbelt whose sale benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation and which would go splendidly with the Exerstrider poles I wrote about yesterday.

I have no idea whether they are pronounced “spy-belts,” “spee-belts” or something else entirely, and I haven’t tried one, but despite the gap in my knowledge and experience, this seems like an excellent accessory for Nordic Walking. It is available in adults’ and children’s sizes. Click here for a list of retailers that carry SPIbelts and here to order online. The phone number is 866-966-4440.

6 thoughts on “SPIbelt Holds "Stuff" While Nordic Walking”

  1. The SPI in SPIbelt stand for "small personal item". I've had one for about two years now and it's great. I use it all the time when Nordic Walking. It does what it says – holds a lot of stuff and doesn't move. I have a small one to hold keys & ID; it's really comfortable and I forget I'm even wearing it.

  2. Sybille – You hit the proverbial nail on the head. The SPIbelt actually was developed by Kim Overton, an enterpreneurai runner, who hit upon the idea three years ago after running w/ her key tucked into her sports top and figured there had to be an alternative. She hand-sewed not only the firt one but the first few hundred and now farms out the sewing. When I heard about this product for runners, I thought it would be ideal for Nordic Walking too. Kitty JT's endorsement confirms my thoughts about it. But Kitty, tell us, do you then call it Ess-Pee-Eye-Belt — or one of the other pronunciations I guessed at?

  3. Hi Claire – it's pronounced "spy"belt – I have always said it that way, but just to make sure that is right, I e-mailed SPIbelt's customer service and received a super fast reply from Kim who confirmed that the first three letters do rhyme with "spy".

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