Spring Training for Nordic Walking

Guide and instructor training seminars posted on organizations’ websites

Spring training starts on April 10. The phrase means one thing in baseball and another thing entirely in Nordic Walking, where spring brings a wave of programs and events, including intro levels to advanced instructor training certification programs in North America. I am going to save myself a lot of typing and point you to schedules that I know about. Just click on the links to find the dates, times, certification levels and costs. Keep checking these websites, because it is possible that programs might be added.

American Nordic Walking Association

ANWA offers programs at Nordic Walking Guide, Basic Instructor, Advanced Instructor and Professional Instructor levels. The schedule begins and ends in Los Angeles, where ANWA is located. The first is on April 10-11 and the last on December 11-12. In between, they will be offered across the US and also in Vancouver, Canada. The photo above is from ANWA.

Exerstride Method Nordic Walking

EMNW, the technique associated with Exerstrider poles, does not have any instructor training courses scheduled at the moment, but you can click here to check on future events or contact them at contact either us at customerservice@exerstrider.com (put “Instructor Training” in the subject line), indicate where you live and in which major cities you you might be able to attend an instructor-training event

International Nordic Walking Association
The schedule currently up on INWA‘s website begins April 10-11 in Portland, Oregon, and runs through June 12-13 in Seattle. Weekends in between include Washington, D.C.; Minneapolis, Dallas, Montreal and here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Nordic Walk Now

Nordic Walking Now  also starts its full on April 10 in Honolulu and continues through September 12 in Wisconsin. Options are the Walk to Live leadership workshop and Instructor Training. There was an instructor training program at the Body and Mind Conference last month in Chico, California, introducing a special interest community to the sport.

Canadian Nordic Walking Assocation

In addition to ANWA and INWA instructor courses respectively in Vancouver and Montreal, CNWA offers Nordic Group Leader certificaition on request. Contact Gerry Faderbauer, 905-713-264 or mail@cnwa.info.