Peak District Walking Festival

Upcoming festival merits BBC attention

In advance of the 2010 Peak District Walking Festival, the BBC produced a television segment about Nordic Walking. I had to smile when the announcer said that Nordic Walking “comes from this” as footage of cross-country ski racers was shown. What made me smile is that segment showed most of the the skiers (and all who were right in front of the camera) bent low in an aero-dynamic tuck and not using their poles at all.

Still, the intention was good as a prelude to the five Peak District Walking Festivals that take place this year between Saturday, April 24 and Sunday May 9 with a total of 170 guided walks. There is so much going on — walking with or without poles, caving, climbing and more — that the organizers have put out a 64-page guide that you can look at online. The Peak District National Park’s Losehill Hall Education Centre will be offering Nordic Walking “taster” sessions (i.e., demos). The festival website also includes online walking and cycling routes.

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  1. Thanks for your inspirational blog and great book on Nordic Walking. I have been Nordic Walking only for a week and I think I have finally found an exercise that does not aggravate my back. I'm waiting for some Leki poles that I ordered on-line. I have been using a cheap
    pair that I bought last week.
    Jim Hamann
    Ft. Myers, FL

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