Reebok Brand Nordic Walking Poles

Reebok labeled poles being sold in Great Britain

Nordic Walking poles with the Reebok name are available from online merchants in the UK and perhaps in some retail stores too. I have no idea whether a known pole-maker manufacturers them for Reebok, perhaps in Europe but more like off-shore, or whether Reebok commissioned them. I suppose it’s possible that these poles don’t carry the Reebok label at all but are promoted that way online.

A site called 4YouToday (“shopping and travel”) sells Reebok Hot Nordic Walking poles that are endorsed by Markus Wasmeier, a German ski-racing champion of the 1980s. The tag shown in the image (top right). They are also selling the Classic and Quick Step (below). in the UK sells three Reebok-branded Nordic Walking poles — the Hot (£21.99), the Quick Step (£16.99 to £19.99) and also the Classic (£14.99) and also a Deluxe package (£24.95, bottom right) by or from Outdoor World of poles, extra paws and a pedometer. 

Perhaps some in the UK who follows equipment can fill in the blanks that I’ve left here.

2 thoughts on “Reebok Brand Nordic Walking Poles”

  1. Hi Claire – Great job finding new products out on the market!

    After a quick Google I found some one-piece Reebok poles that looked pretty good except for the "smaller" mini boot shaped tips. We have tested those and found that ALL of our customers prefer the bigger, more cushiony and better gripping rubber tips/paws from EXEL, Leki and SWIX. Plus the bigger rubber tips/paws stay on better.

    Here is an AMAZON review of the twist-lock poles pictured in your blog (feedback is similar to what we hear everyday about cheap/flimsy twist-lock and flip-lock poles from China):

    Not up to the task, 19 Mar 2010
    By A. J. Mrs Crawford –


    Really disappointed in these walking sticks as I thought they were a quality item. One stick has given up the effort of allowing itself to be extended after only a couple of outings.

    So, now I have all of these extra sets of feet and only one pole to attach them to.

  2. Thanks for the "caveat emptor." I've never pretended to be a gear tester or reviewer — and I certainly wouldn't write a critique about anything that I've never seen, let alone that I've never used. If Mrs. Crawford were in the US, she could probably sell those spare feet/paws on eBay or something. They seem to be in ahort supply here. Or, hopefully, she will not have given up and will buy a pair of better-quality poles that those feet/paws will fit.

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