Nordic Walking for Wellness and Prevention

Exercise helps ward off chronic conditions. It’s not rocket science

A recent CNN health report took a closer look at health care reform and noted that $7 billion is going into preventive care. By that, the US system means no co-pays and full coverage for physical exams for early detection and, presumably, medical providers’ counsel to exercise more and eat better. European health plans go farther.

As Mervyn S. Foster, a Nordic Walking instructor from Cambridge, England (not Massachusetts), pointed out in “Nordic Walking for Health and Fitness,” an article in Wising Up!, an online business-to-business magazine, “In Germany national health insurance pays for Nordic walking classes from accredited trainers because of the health benefits. Like other forms of exercise, it’s worth taking a class or two to begin with, because you won’t get the full benefits unless you have the right technique.”

The CNN report also noted that prevention is already part of some some state health plans and many corporate wellness programs, and many US Nordic Walking instructors teach or lead groups for companies. Companies that other gyms, treadmills, yoga and other classes and facilities have been shows to reduce health-insurance premiums and sick day absences, so it makes sense for companies to provide them. It would make sense for the new federal health plan to cover them too, but that is still wishful thinking. Hopefully, when health care coverage is a fact and the current ugly objections have died down, the American model will expand in scope.

Foster, who gave me permission to quote from his article (and I will post other excerpts in the future), teaches two weekly beginners’ sessions and also “improver” classes under the Nordic Walking Cambs banner in the Cambridgeshire area. The small photo is also his, used with permission.

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  1. Fitness classes are a great idea – It would be wonderful if health insurance covered any kind of Health – and less of illness.

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