"Volcanic Ash Affects Nordic Walking"

That was the headline to a post on a UK blog called Simply Nordic Walking. How?, I wondered. Thick air that unpleasant to breathe and irritating to the eyes, perhaps? An anticipated shipment of poles that were grounded in the place of manufacture? Neither of those.The blogger, Peter Young who teaches Nordic Walking in southwest London but whose photo (left) was taken in beautiful Scotland, went on to report that during the week of interrupted, delayed and canceled travel, “Even one of our regular walkers found that her planned weekend break in Krakow fell victim to the ash cloud. It may have been a blessing in disguise, given the State Funeral for the President. The other bonus was that it meant she could come walking in beautiful Bushy Park!”

Anyone living in London or traveling to who wants to join Young’s Nordic Walkers can call him at 07703-404-931. He provides poles. He gives lessons in the Southwest London area starting at £10, with taster sessions (i.e., demo) sessions for £5. He reminds us that the fresh air and scenery are free — and when I look at his posts, each accompanied by a photo, currently of London in spring — I think that’s one of the aspects of Nordic Walking that I treasure most as well.

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  1. I'm catching up on your recent posts this morning, and must tell you how much I appreciate your covering so many aspects of Nordic walking. Your posts about international Nordic walking as well as domestic inspires a sense of community! And I really appreciate the gear tips, too. Thank you.

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