UK Nordic Walking Publication Makes a U-Turn

Return of Nordic Walking eCommunity and new focus on an eMagazine

Several months ago, I (and other Nordic Walking enthusiasts) received a series of E-mails from David Downer, a UK Nordic Walking instructor, book author, founder of a Nordic Walking eCommunity and wearer of who-knows how many other hats. He wrote that he was switching his eCommunity from to something else that sounded interesting but that I didn’t quite get. He launched a weekly Nordic Walking eNewsletter and set up a Nordic Walking magazine too. The first edition came out in January,  initially free to what he called “founding members” and then anticipated as paid-subscriptions cyber-publication. Whew!

It was all quite complicated, because every communication seemed to require a different sign-up protocol, and sign-in and passwords were required to access some info. With personal good intentions of my own, I think I signed up for everything, but maybe I didn’t  — or maybe I tried to sign up for the same components more than once in response to several solicitations. In any case, I found myself increasingly out of the international Nordic Walking loop — not David’s doing but my own time constraints. I had intended to write a blog post about it, but some intuition must have caused me suspect that these intertwined concepts wouldn’t have legs, so I didn’t post anything.

Now, David is returning to a simpler communications model, and I for one am grateful — and I am posting what I consider to be the good news. The eCommunity is back and the magazine is slated to come out four (or is it six?) times a year. If you want an explanation of the changes, click here. David and his editor, Malcolm Jarvis, between them managed to put out 25 issues of the weekly — no mean feat. I know this, because I  have struggled to find newsworthy content for this comparatively modest blog with the luxury of no self-imposed weekly deadline. I can write about what I want, when I want about topics that I expect will be interesting.

I am on  board with this back-to-the-future decision and look foward to reading what they write.