Upcoming Nordic Walking Classes in Colorado

Recreational, guide and instructor training classes scheduled

I Nordic Walk year-round in Boulder, and I keep expecting this sport/fitness/outdoor activity to skyrocket in Colorado. It may not be skyrocketing, but it is growing at a deliberate pace. Right off the bat, I can think of several people right in my orbit who would benefit greatly from using poles but don’t.

A friend and neighbor and go for a two-mile walk every morning. I use poles. She doesn’t, and while she is a fast energetic walker, she periodically mentions an ouchy back. We often see another neighbor who is hunched over from osteoporosis, has spindly little arms and walks gamely with an awkward gait. She owns poles, took one class and never uses them. When I see her across the street, I raise my poles overhead and click them together to remind her. A writer colleague who was in a Foot Solutions class I joined when they were in town also owns poles — and also never uses them. She keeps intending to. Finally, still another neighbor, an octogenarian whom I can occasionally lure out on a brief walk up and down the block does bring her poles along. She acknowledges that they provide balance and stability, but unless I coax her outside, her only walking is from the house to the car and back for appointments with various doctors and her hairdresser, and an almost daily lunch out with her husband.

No excuses or reasons will hold any water at all, since this area offers several opportunities to learn Nordic Walking and hook up with companions for future walks.

Boulder Parks and Rec

The Boulder Parks and Rec’s Summer 2010 catalog is out now. It features one — just one — Nordic Walking class. Five classes are offered on  consecutive Thursdays between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. from June 3 through July 1. “All levels are welcome,” states the catalog, which would make it ideal for those two women who have poles but don’t use them. If there is only to be one, the East Boulder Community Center (left) is the ideal place. It houses both the East Boulder Recreation Center (pools, gyms, yoga studio, dance studio, weight room, etc.) and the East Boulder Senior Center. Excellent paved recreation paths are right outside the door.

The Nordic Walking five classes cost is $35 for residents, $45 for non-residents, including use of poles for those who don’t have their own. Register in person at any of the city’s three rec centers, online or by calling 303-413-7270.

Fleet Feet Sports

Fleet Feet Sports is a North Boulder running store (and as far as I know, the only Boulder retailer to carry Nordic Walking poles) that continues to offer low-cost classes on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Click here for my post and photos about such a clinic last June. Then, it was free. Now, the  cost is $5, including use of poles.

American Nordic Walking Association

The American Nordic Walking Association has scheduled guide and instructor training in the Denver area, July 17-18. Three levels of training are to be offered: 

  • Nordic Walking Guide , $149, July 17
  • Nordic Walking Basic Instructor, from $236 for early-bird ANWA member registration to $355 for non-members, July 17-18
  • Nordic Walking Advanced Instructor, from $288 for early-bird ANWA member registration to $40 for non-members, July 17-18 

The location will be announced. Go the the ANWA website for details about what to bring and what participants get for their registration fee. The site also lists other Nordic Walking guide and instructor training and certification clinics in the U.S. and Canada. When I was researching my Nordic Walking book, I was invited to the ANWA Basic Instructor Course, which was given by Gottfriend Kuermer, who was but no longer seems to be ANWA’s master trainer. Click here for my post and photos from that two-day session.


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  1. Claire, I've just caught up on all your excellent posts, and this one is a favorite. Last year I took the Nordic walking class at the East Boulder Rec Center and also the one at Fleet Feet, and both were terrific. Like you, I walk year round and hike the Boulder trails, and my Nordic poles have made it even more delightful! They just feel so natural now. Thanks for encouraging people (including me) to try Nordic walking, so good for fitness, stability, and fun.

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