Armed With Poles Team to Participate in Ottawa 10K

Canadian group takes up arms against cancer

After Cleo Thompson, the studio director of an Ottawa graphic design firm called Character Creative, lost her grandmother to cancer, her colleagues and friends enlisted Nordic Walking instructor, Anna Ekstandh of Outstride Nordic Walking Ottawa to form “a team of keen nordic walkers and motivated fundraisers” to join the battle against the disease that took yet another treasured. life. In 2009, the 30-member team, called Armed With Poles, raised what they call “an astonishing amount of money for the Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s campaign for the new cancer centre in Ottawa.”

Ekstrandh is a national North American Nordic Walking Association / International Nordic Walking Association national coach. She is currently training/coaching/sponsoring the group of 55 walkers who will tackle a 10km race that is part of Ottawa Race Weekend, May 29-30. Thanks to two Annas — Anna Ekstrandh and photographer Anna Epp — here are some photos of the team in its spiffy orange “uniforms” (i.e., T-shirts):

This year, the group has set a fundraising goal of at least $10,000 for the OHF, particularly cancer research. Ekstandh notes, “Last year, we were a force (of 30) to be reckoned with in our bright orange team shirts and armed with our nordic walking poles. We certainly got noticed. So, please join us this year to be part of this unique and motivated team!”

In my book, every one of them is a winner.