A Note from Nancy Trock

Informal guest post from Illinois trainer

I haven’t formally put any guest posts on this blog — mainly because no one has ever offered to write one. In a post about upcoming US Nordic Walking programs last week, I mentioned Illionois trainer Nancy Trock’s June program. The information I gleaned online was sketchy, but I sent her a link to the post anyway. I received an extensive and complimentuary) message. I asked her whether I could post it as a comment (she gave me permission), but instead of a comment, I’m taking the liberty of presenting it like a guest post. I think I’ll do that more often — though or course, I welcome — no, crave — comments to my posts. Here are Nancy’s words, including material quoted from her own newsletter:

“Nancy Trock here. You mentioned that I teach Nordic Walking in Oak Park, IL and I wanted to thank you for that mention!

“I appreciate that you don’t affiliate with any particular method and though I did learn Nordic walking with Malin Svensson I have always learned that there is something of value to be gained from all sources AND thank goodness there are different strokes for different folks…

“As an activity activist, I like to get people moving and especially outdoors. Being a personal trainer (martial arts background), I believe in building strengths and overcoming weaknesses. As a degreed industrial designer, I favor the Exel poles (as of 2009).

“That said, the following FLASHES! are excerpted from my recent newsletter:

“N O R D I C W A L K I N G F L A S H !!!

“Nordic Walking is modeled after cross-country skiing and offers benefits beyond the quantum boost calorie burn. Nordic walking is a low-impact aerobic activity that strengthens the upper body…improves posture…minimizes back and leg strain…relieves tension in the neck and shoulders…and it’s fun. You can take to the pavement, trails, grass, sand or snow. One-piece Nordic walking poles are safest, and good quality poles make all the difference (huge hint: take a pass on cheap poles from big box stores).

“F L A S H !!!

I am a certified Nordic Walking instructor and have introduced several hundred folks to this sport since 2007. Would you like to experience a fitting with Exel wound carbon poles and proper walking technique in just 75 minutes for $35? Yes? Please schedule an introductory Clinic. What have you got to lose? If you wish to purchase poles with the Clinic, they are $100 (no tax or shipping) and worth every penny (lifetime guarantee).

Once you have learned the basics of Nordic walking, you may wish to join the group workouts or go off on your own adventures…

“F L A S H !!!

“Group Nordic walking classes go April through November.

“You must have taken at least one lesson. Bring your poles or arrange to rent.

“The group Nordic Walking workouts usually travel 2 to 2.5 miles (after about 5 minutes of warm-up). As you know, Oak Park is a fantastic architectural museum and Nordic walking is the multi-taskers’ dream come true: socialize, exercise, and tour the ‘hood! The group stays together and we add pole-assisted exercises and stretches along the way, then conclude with cool-down stretches.

“Tuesday 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. group meets at the main Oak Park Library on Lake Street at Oak Park Avenue

“Saturday 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. group meets at The Pleasant Home (Mills Park) at Pleasant and Home in Oak Park

“10-class pass $100 (good for 3 months)

“Drop-In single class $12

“Thank you again, Claire. Your history is very impressively accomplished and I appreciate knowing of your presence.”

Thank you Nancy. Stay in touch, and the rest of you, let me hear from you too!