2010 Nordic Walking Expo Schedule

Full day of events set for tomorrow’s mega-event in Bloomington, Minnesota

Event: Nordic Walking Expo
Place: Hyland Park
Date: Saturday, June 12
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


9:00 Class – “So you think you can walk?” presented by Malin Svensson (president, Nordic Walking North America and author of Nordic Walking, published by Human Kinetics).  Enhancement of regular walking without poles

9:30 Lecture – “Injury Prevention for Nordic Walkers” presented by Suzanne Nottingham (founder and director of Nordic Walk Now and author of Nordic Walking for Total Fitness, Human Kinetics). Nordic walking skills and movements for the safest, most effective techniques to stay safe and injury-free.

10-10:30 Class – Group walk around Hyland; can run longer if group wishes, led by three top Nordic Walking educators, Tom Rutlin (Exerstrider), Suzanne Nottingham (Nordic Walk Now) and Malin Svensson (NWNA).

11:30 Lecture “That Girl” 2010: New City, New Job and New Life, or How I Started My Own Nordic Walking Bisiness, Lindy Spiezer Smith (formerly LEKI USA marketing director). Lindy left LEKI in Buffalo and moved to Florida for family reasons, then turnied her passion for elder health into a business  that make a profit within a year.

12:00 Class – “K9 Nordic Walking,” Kristine Zellmer and her Alaskan Huskie, Caird (Skijor Now). Canine  Nordic walking, an exciting new sport in the Nordic Walker wears a padded waist belt and the dog gets robust exercise from pulling instead of just walking on a leash). Harnesses are available to those who  bring their dogs.

12:30 Lecture – “Active Aging Through Nordic Walking.” “Nordic Walking Queen” Linda Lemke (Great Lakes Nordic Walkers). Nordic Walking to help people stay active, stay mobile, improve balance and stability (less chance of a fall), support the lower joints and helps promote healthy bones. “It’s fun, it’s social and it’s outdoors,” Lemke reminds people.

1:00 Class – “Intro to Exerstride Method Nordic Walking,” Tom Rutlin (Exerstrider). Pioneer in developing special poles for fitness walking and the technique that goes with it introduces the simple basics of this original “Nordic American” technique that he introduced in the U.S. in 1988. .

1:30 Lecture – “Burn More Calories with Less Effort,” Malin Svensson (NWNA). Seven simple secrets on how to “Burn More Calories with Less Effort.” You will walk away with effective tips on how to get into your best shape ever and how to overcome the most common obstacles to exercising through Nordic Walking.

2:00 Class -“Boot Camp 1,” Suzanne Nottingham (NWN), Join Nottingham for a fun and original outdoor cross-training excursion from her recently released book, Nordic Walking for Total Fitness. This class is intended as a mixed-intensity movement experience through safe and progressive training methods for those with some Nordic Walking experience.

2:30 Lecture)- “Play it Safe, Nordic Walking Jeopardy,” Bonnie Dau (Revel Sports). Nordic walking is naturally a fun and safe activity, but an ounce of prevention can make it safer yet.  Bonnie counts on audience participation to play the game of “Jeopardy,” highlighting ways to stay while Nordic Walking. Revel Sports will be giving out nominal prizes to the winners.

3:00 Class – “Nordic Walking Adventure Circuit,” Gary Johnson (NWNA vice president). Adding various exercises to a Nordic Walk with the equipment all around. The interval class incorporates upper and lower body exercises to get a great whole body workout

3:30 Lecture – “The Future of Nordic Walking… Impacting Public Health on a Global Scale,” Tom Rutlin (Exerstrider). A growing number of people share a vision of impacting public health on a global scale through fitness walking with poles. Rutlin and others see Nordic Walking’s potential for the greatest impact on global public health of any exercise trend since Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s book Aerobics launched the modern exercise movement more than four decades ago.

Also, every 20 minutes (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Join an instructor try different types of poles.

Be there!

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