Nordic Walking Magazine Issue #2 Available

Interesting articles follow eye-candy cover

When I looked at the “Babes on the Beach” inage fof the cyber-cover for issue No. 2 of Nordic Walking Magazine, I mused, just for a moment, that if my poles and I could go on hours-long Nordic Walks for days, perhaps my bod’ could look like that again. But reality clicked in right away. I’m just five feet when I stand up straight and never looked like that, even in the flower of my youth. My legs were never that long, and all the walking in the world couldn’t lengthen them!

A quick read of the articles did, however, provide something of a Ponce de Leon epiphany. Exerstrider‘s Tom Rutlin wrote a feature about one Bob Saunders who, in 1993, “was a picture of bad health”  — overweight, pre-diabetic and existing on a wretched diet. Many people in similar situations decide to “do something,” and Saunders did “something” remarkable. He and his Exerstrider poles walked from Seaside Heights, New Jersey, to San Clemente, California, where his son lived. After training for a year and Exerstriding 2,800 miles (4506 km) in just 78 days, he had firmed up from a pudgy 285 pounds to a lean and muscular 150 pounds. His son didn’t recognize him. Saunders, now 72, Nordic Walks daily.

Also in this issue: “Sauvakävely,” a translation of Marko Kantaneva’s 1997 groundbreaking article in Finnish introducing the Nordic Walking concept to Europe. Editor Malcolm Jarvis wrote, “This is the article‟s first appearance in the English language and it is important to remember that when originally published in 1997 there was no such name as ‘Nordic Walking,’ nor specially designed poles with straps, nor any instructors, nor YouTube videos or Nordic Walking magazines and forums. And you couldn‟t look it up on Google, because that didn’t exist yet either.”

Jarvis wrote two other features, one on exercise and mental well-being and another introducing the new Nordic Walking World Federation that I wrote about here recently. Ian Holloway contributed a piece on a Nordic Walking itinerary along Shepherd’s Way in North Umbria,  near the Scottish border that sounds fantastic. And the issue that opened with a couple of beach babes (Kantaneva’s pictures, by the way) and wraps up with a 94-year-old identified only as Sophie. She’s equipped with a pair of poles and a big smile. She’s a role model for us all — and she’s a mere 22 years older than Bob Saunders.

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  1. Hi Claire,

    Many thanks to you for your positive review of our little journal.

    The couple on the cover are mother and daughter, although I do not know their names. As you say, the photo was taken by Marko Kantaneva (whilst he was working in Australia).

    I'm not sure if the pair concerned would consider themselves as "beach babes" although it's clear that they are svelte Aussie individuals. Is this typical of this fine country?

    Malcolm – Editor NWMag

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