No More Nordic Walking Magazine

Dedciated publication “suspeded indefinitely”

If Nordic Walking has been slower to take hold that enthusiasts might have hoped, Nordic Walking media are even sketchier. I had hoped for stronger sales for my Nordic Walking book than there have been, and response to dedicated Nordic Walking media in the U.K. have also been disappointing. While the Nordic Walking eCommunity established by David Downer continues to be more or less active, the Nordic Walking Magazine that he launched and that has been edited by eCommunity co-moderator Malcolm Jarvis is ending after a short run.

Here is the message Jarvis sent out (and I’m sure many of you have already read it:

“Hi everyone, it’s Malcolm, co-moderator

“Yesterday David [Downer] and I had a long conversation about the future viability of the periodical ‘Nordic Walking Magazine.’ Some early soundings that I have made suggest that interest in the magazine will be low, notwithstanding its nominal cost. This is also consistent with the actual take up of the subscription site Nordic Walking Furthermore, apart from a few very notable and welcome exceptions we have had no feedback whatsoever on previous issues.

With this in mind I am unwilling to spend further extensive amounts of time in developing the publication. As David is not personally in a position to be able to do so singly, we have decided that the most appropriate action is to shelve the project indefinitely. I already have a number of articles ready for publication and I plan to include these on David’s weblog Nordic Walking News.’

‘I plan to remain as a moderator of this forum (so you are not free of me yet!) and I hope to post the occasional article on Nordic Walking News, in addition to those referred to.

“I find this a bit of a sad outcome but on a personal level the perceived nominal interest in MWMag is outweighed by a need to devote more time to other long cherished interests. Retirement does not last forever.

“Walk well,
Malcolm, co-moderator”

Bottom line, as I see it, is that if you are interested in Nordic Walking, be willing to make a modest investment (if required) to read what’s out there and provide some feedback..

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  1. Hi Claire,

    Many thanks for your supportive posting.

    Whilst the eCommunity forum has been quiet over the last couple of weeks, we hope to have it rejuvenated. I guess that mid-summer is maybe not the best time for online exchanges.

    Walk Well,

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