Walk Strong Event Set for September

Top Nordic Walking gurus to gather and teach in Greenfield, Wisconsin

If you read this blog (ir)regularly, you’ve heard me describe the Midwest as a hotbed of Nordic Walking in the US. Most recently the second annual Nordic Walking Expo was held in the Minneapolis area, and coming up next month is Walk Strong, September 11-12 in Greenfield, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee. Walk Strong is a two-day event with components for the public and for fitness pros. On the schedule are certification programs for fitness pros who want to add Nordic Walking to the repertoire, specialty lessons and, importantly for the growth of Nordic Walking, free introductory sessions including use of poles. Suzanne Nottingham, who organized Walk Strong,  has designed this program with commendable inclusiveness in the spirit of two previous Expo. Walk Strong also brings together top trainers and instructors to interact with each other and with the public to instruction options for beginners and broaden the horizons of pros.

Leading Nordic Walking experts will be there, so whatever your level or interest, your meeting and learning from three of Nordic Walking’s gurus: Suzanne Nottingham of Nordic Walk Now and Malin Svensson of Nordic Walking North America, both from California, and Tom Rutlin of Exerstrider, the in-stater from Madison. Promoting lifelong fitness through walking with is a passion of these Nordic Walking authorities. Jenne Goldberg (above left in Nordic Walk Now photo), who is in her late 70s, is an example of one senior who practices just that.

Saturday the 11th is open to anyone who wants to learn what Nordic Walking is about, try different kinds of poles, workshops and leadership intensives. Rutlin and Svensson will team teach two free Intro Nordic Walking sessions, open to the public on Saturday with no pre-registration required. Also on Saturday, Nordic Walk Now is offering demos of inline skating with poles. Bring your helmet (mandatory) to try this energetic, energizing workout. The organizers supply skates, poles and protective gear in two demo times on Saturday. No registration is necessary for the free sessions, but it is necessary for the NWN intensives, the Walk To Live Workshop for everyone and the four- hour Instructor Training Program just for qualified instructors. Also on Saturday is the launch of the stepping stone to the ITP, Master Fitness, an eight-hour course for individuals who have completed the NWN ITP in order to qualify for Master Fitness.

Sunday the 12th is is open only to qualified instructors. Malin and Tom will each offer a 75-minute certification prep courses for any instructor who has a teaching certificate from any Nordic Walking education organization. Pre-registration is required for these two courses at www.nordicwalknow.com,
 A $10 donation to the Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department is also required.
A schedule and registration information are promised soon on the Nordic Walk Now website. Meanwhile, for more information, call  760-912-4471 or email info@nordicwalknow.com.

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  1. Oregon's less of a hotbed – I hiked near Mt. Hood with a friend from Portland, who'd never hiked with poles. I lent her mine since she had a knee injury.

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