This Blog is Back

Here’s the backstory behind the new design

After a short hiatus for a redesign of this blog — with more tweaking to come — I’m back. Did you miss me? What do you think of the basic new design? My inbox is filled with Nordic Walking news and events, and I’ll try to catch up as soon as I can. Meanwhile, just as a re-entry explanation, I selected the image above for nostalgic reasons. Shortly after I got the contract to write Nordic Walking: A Complete Guide to Health, Fitness and Fun and was starting my research, Gottfried Kürmer came to Colorado to lead Nordic Walking classes of various levels. The American Nordic Walking Association invited me to join the class, where I did a lot of multi-tasking — trying to integrate the philosphy behind European-style Nordic Walking into my brain and fundamental technique into my muscle memory, and also take notes and pictures.

The class took place on the paved recreation paths of Anthem, a spacious suburban development on farmer grazing land between Broomfield and Erie. The water is probably a former stock pond. Leading the pack is Gottfried, whose form is classic and perfect.  I fell that an image including my fellow students trying to get the hang of Nordic Walking gives and accurate picture of what an introductory class is like.

So keep on reading — and grab those poles and keep on walking.

5 thoughts on “This Blog is Back”

  1. Love it. Like the crispness of the site. Like the pic too! Birkie Trek is this Saturday in Hayward, WI. I hope I can get a couple of nice pics.

  2. Hi Claire,

    Good to see you back and now with a really handsome looking site (the old one was OK too!).

    I really like the banner image – it’s good too see “people” Nordic Walking rather than some kind of “human confectionery”! Like it. I thought the overlay of your title strip over the grass gives a great colour effect.

    Look forward to your postings Claire.

    Best wishes,
    Malcolm (now guest co-moderator of the eCommunity Forum)

  3. Great new design, visually clear with a banner image that pops and is inviting! Love seeing Gottfried Kurmer walking, and will look forward very much to your forthcoming posts.

  4. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case.
    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

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