Nordic Walking Gets Big Boost Down Under

Free intro classes offered in October — in Australia

The Victoria-based Nordic Academy is be on a springtime roll with a country-wide promotion to boost Nordic Walking participation. The Aussie organization’s website lists FREE “Walktober” intro classes on various dates between the 2nd and 10th of October in the Melbourne area, Whyalla and the Barossa Valley(both  in South Australia) and Perth in western Australia and in Canberra on October 25.  In a separate E-mail, there also seems to be National Nordic Walking Month. Whatever it’s called, it’s all good.

The Nordic Academy’s website also has a click-to “Find an Instructor” function, organized by state. I would link directly from here, but the WordPress link function seems to be a nonfunctioning function this morning. Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Nordic Walking Gets Big Boost Down Under”

  1. Hi Claire,

    Thank you for the blog post. Yes, we will be running FREE sessions all around Australia to introduce people to Nordic Walking. After that we offer 6 week ‘learn to Nordic Walk’ programs for people to acquire the correct Nordic Walking technique.

    Very keen Nordic Walkers then might even join us to Nordic Walk in the Austrian Alps. Back in June we took 15 Aussies and 1 Kiwi (New Zealander) over to my home town in the most Western part of Austria for a 9 day Nordic Walking Tour. Have a read of the itinerary on

    We’ll do it all again in June 2011.

    Best regards, Patrick

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