Canadian Outdoor Company Closing Out NW Poles

DayTripping, a New Brunswick-based outdoor recreation company that sells and gear and runs programs, is closing out its inventory of Gymstick Nordic Walking poles. If you’re interested, call 506-657-8747 or E-mail for more information. Like Exel, the first Europen brand-name pole, Gymstick is a Finnish company, with fitness products that include walking poles and more. Their products include poles that incorporate bands that make it easy to add resistance training intervals to a walk.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Outdoor Company Closing Out NW Poles”

  1. I always thought so too. Once upon a time, a Miami-based company called Fittrek provided an optional PowerPack with resistance cables that clipped onto the poles. Fittrek and its founder, Dan Barrett, disappeared without a trace — at least as far as the Nordic Walking community seems to know. Gymstick is still around — just not via DayTripping.

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