World Original Nordic Walking Federation, An Introduction

New (or at least new-to-me) organization based in Finland. Thank you, Facebook, for the introduction

I vowed to myself (and to you too) that I would post more frequently to this blog, and I’ve fallen behind again. I vowed to myself (but maybe not to you) that I would try to focus more of my posts to happenings in North America, even though Europe and the U.K. continue to produce more Nordic Walking news. So much for vows, at least as far as this bloe is concerned. Here goes, after another too-long lapse, with word of yet another new-to-me Nordic Walking organization that began in Europe. I found it on Facebook (where else?), and from a glance it the archive on its website, it appears to have launched in January of this year, making it the new kid on the Nordic Walking block.

I am not clear on how the World Original Nordic Walking Federation fits in with or stands out from the rest of the alphabet soup of Nordic Walking organizations on both sides of the Atlantic. I do know that it is based in Finland, and that it sells products under imprimateur of Marko Kantaneva, the Finn who now lives in Estonia and is generally acknowledged as the father of Nordic Walking. In fact, the MARKO – MARKO KANTANEVA® trademark label seems to have developed to support the federation and further research into and promotion of Nordic Walking.  Or perhaps the Federation was developed to support and promote the brand. Like the chicken and egg, I don’t know which came first.

The ONWF (the initials different in other languages) website has pages dedicated its vision, its values, its “five statements” (which seem to be mission statements), the ONW Club that manages the federations education programs and an org chart.  The website is extensive, as is the Facebook profile.   ONWF believes there are 14 million Nordic Walkers in the world, and it aims to reach 10 percent of them within five years. Take it from there, folks.

The ONWF office adress is Ravikuja 4b A 10, 57710 Savonlinna, Finland; the E-mail addres is, and the phone number is +358 41 707 8916.

3 thoughts on “World Original Nordic Walking Federation, An Introduction”

  1. Marko worked with EXEL in Finland and Nordic Walking was born – using quality one-piece cross country ski pole shafts. Unfortunately it looks like Marko is busy promoting collapsible poles (easy to inventory/easy to sell). The original Nordic Walking Poles were one-piece design, like ski poles, proving to be safer, lighter and stronger than collapsible 2-piece and 3-piece twist-lock and flip-lock poles.

    Originally the INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) was just a front for EXEL Poles. Hopefully Mark0’s new organization isn’t just a front for promotion of his collapsible pole line (he does have awesome straps however!).

    Regardless, walking with poles is the best!

    1. IM(very)HO, he is not the first nor will he be the last to want to make money from Nordic Walking. Exel tasked him with developing a system that they could market and sell poles. INWA, ANWA and every other organization (and even individual instructor) wants to make money by selling training courses leading to certification — not in any way different from the fitness industry. It’s the capitalist way, isn’t it?

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