Nordic Walking in the ‘Wall Street Journal’

Health benefits of walking with poles discussed in fianancial daily

Getting a Leg (and Pole) Up on Burning Calories” is a piece by Laura Johannes in the Wall Strteet Journal’s “Aches & Claims” column,, which might be online only or also in the print edition.  She thumbnailed a definition of Nordic Walking for those unfamiliar with it, writing:

“Nordic walkers stride along, planting a pole on the ground as the opposite foot comes down and then swinging the pole behind them. While similar to hiking poles used for balance and stability on difficult trails, walking poles are mainly for use on easy trails or neighborhood streets, say the companies that sell the poles.”

Johannes shifted back and forth between Nordic Walking and hiking with poles. She interviewed Exerstrider’s Tom Rutlin, who also alerted people in the NW community about the piece. (Thanks, Tom.) She cited 80-year-old Dr. Kenneth Cooper of the Cooper Institute whose 22-person study, authored by Timothy S. Church, nearly a decade ago is the foundation of Nordic Walking’s claim calorie-burning bonus. She also touched on the debates as to the whether walking with poles on flat ground helps protect the knees.

It is hardly the big feature that advocates and enthusiasts of fitness walking with poles might have wished for from the WSJ, but even modest coverage in such a prestigious publication can only help the Nordic Walking cause.

2 thoughts on “Nordic Walking in the ‘Wall Street Journal’”

  1. Hi Claire!

    I agree with your last paragraph, as I too was dissappointed with the article, but I guess “something is better than nothing”! Take care and enjoy the summer!

    Walk Well!

    Ed Urbanski

  2. Hey I am sure the article was like countless I have read – reflective of the the maginal demographics,  informative , and brought clarity and even doubt to this claim or that…

    The key is to take an activity like using poles for fitness or mobility and imparting curiosity, and the answer to a problem while capitalizing on excitement in that venue over and over…

     That simply has not happend yet in the states…

    Mark my words ” like Facebook, which as been around for years( unknown or unused by most)and it was not until the things I eluded to above that fall in to place intentional that Facebook became a phenomena” there were and are many forms of web community medias that as well had and or expected similar outcomes – and simply have been fringe players in the game of social media…

    Having offered the plan with our brand to other key brand representatives  I will stay firm with our working plans…and in that impact the world.

    So let’s make it happen, while others watch it happen 

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