Walking Whiz Wendy’s “No Buy List”

About.com’s walking columnist suggests what not to buy — but recommends poles

We have all heard about the government’s “no fly list.” Wendy Baumgartner, who writes About.com’s walking column, has compile what might be called a “no buy list” of items that she writes she cannot recommend. In fact, it is called “Walking Products I Don’t Recommend,” either because claims for it have not been supported by properly designed studies, because they may increase the risk of injury or strain if used by fitness walkers for 30 minutes or more. I am not sure why she selected 30 minutes, but still her advice is worth taking.

Here are the products that she does not recommend:

  • Toning shoes
  • Weighted shoes
  • Ankle weights
  • Arm weights
  • Magnets
  • Fat-burning supplements

She also writes (and I like this part): “Better Choice – Walking Poles: Fitness walking poles are a superior alternative to make you burn more calories per mile while working out your upper body and taking some of the strain off your knees, hips and ankles.
Choosing Fitness Walking Poles


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