Department of Misinformation, XX

No, not double-X rated, but the 20th weird online “explanation” of Nordic Walking  I”ve found. A website called Sooper Articles contains an eyebrow-raising gem called “what is Nordic Walking” by one Mett Robinson. I hope that the “explanation” is the result of mistranslation, not daunting misinformation on the part of the author.

It [Nordic Walking] is considered an aerobic activity that brings great benefits to the  physical state of the practitioners, with a low sense of tiredness. This sport  can be practiced outdoors, alone or in company, which will confer a fun feature.  There are also various ways to practice: in the water, skates or the most common  place is the nature trails.

The techniques are basically accompany the push up and slide, with a hand  motion.

The most basic are:

* Keep your shoulders relaxed.

* Do not push too hard and keep the rods in a diagonal position.

* The stick should be pushed behind the pelvis.

* After the push rod should be taken to fast forward and when end of the  stick is pushed to open the palm of your hand.

* The foot does come forward while the opposite hand and must fully support  the heel to the toes.




3 thoughts on “Department of Misinformation, XX”

  1. nordic walking seems so fun. there is any prerequisite training to do before start it or it can do by anybody? is it any kind of equipment necessary beside the sticks?
    thank you!

  2. Claire – that sure is one poorly written into to Nordic Walking, but hopefully it will get a few more folks off the couch and out walking.

    With hosting Nordic Walking Classes at a Diabetes Health Expo last week one of the participants excitedly told me about her walking success with two broom handles! During her recovery from surgery she used the two broom handles daily and hasn’t stopped using them. Sure she loved my one-piece Nordic Walking Poles with REAL Nordic Walking Straps, but for her purpose the broomsticks worked. The important thing is to just get out and do it. If individuals have old ski poles laying around they should take them for a test drive. Sure the Perfect Length Poles really make a difference, but the important thing is to just got out and try it. The health benefits are huge.

    As you already know Claire, I’m a big fan of one-piece poles that are sized correctly to each individual’s height. One-piece poles simply prove to be safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap/flimsy 2-piece and 3-piece collapsible poles from China that tend to rattle, vibrate and/or collapse unexpectedly.

    Keep up the good work Claire and keep telling folks to get out and walking with poles!

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