To Petra with Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Walkers spotted at Israel/Jordan border crossing

While in the Middle East recently, I half expected to see some Nordic Walkers on the broad recreational path along Tel Aviv’s scenic Mediterranean shoreline or in Eilat where the paved path skirting the Red Sea is referred to as “the boardwalk.” I didn’t spot any Nordic Walkers either place when I happened to be looking, but I did see Nordic Walkers on the Israeli side of the border with Jordan. Among a group of travelers waiting at the Yitzhak Rabin Border Crossing was a group of eastern European visitors (probably Russians). Among them were twowomen  standing around with Nordic Walking poles, waiting for visas to be processed.

TWo women (one with a white outfit and the other with a black coat) have Nordic Walking poles. Only three of their four poles show in this picture.

I was on the lookout for her in Petra, the day-trip destination of just about everyone crossing into Jordan at that time, but I never saw their group again.