Pole Walkers on My Street

NordicWalkingI haven’t added any posts in months, because I wasn’t seeing a lot of traffic — or a lot of interest in Nordic Walking. I was encouraged this morning. When I popped outside to pick up my newspapers, I saw a couple striding up the street at a good clip — poles in hands. I was still wearing my nightshirt, so I didn’t trot after them to talk to them. Also, they were behind parked cars, so I couldn’t tell what kind of poles they were using. But the very sight of them encouraged me enough to post this, to approve some comments left since I last checked and to be more conscientious about posting now and then.

4 thoughts on “Pole Walkers on My Street”

  1. Hi! I can’t find any info about Nordic Walking in the NYC area–I want to start and need guidance on technique, kind of poles, and so on. Any ideas appreciated!

  2. Here in San Diego I see folks with walking poles intermittently as I travel about in the community. Labor day weekend there was a Festival of Sail along the Embarcadero and I was helping with the USS Midway display. I saw no less then 7 different folks walking with poles over the three day period. Most of them said they knew you or knew of you. Not bad!

  3. Hello, in Europe Nordic Walking is getting to be a real big thing, in France, Italy, Spain and Poland now, some years after Germany. Nearly every Trail and running event incorporates NW. Last summer the biggest NW event was http://www.euronordicwalk.com, nearly 2000 people. Now official athletics competitions take place too. There should be more than 10 Million Nordic Walkers in the world.
    Nordic Wolking is a great sport !

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