Sports Reporter Describes First Steps, First Stumbles

NordicWalkingI can’t think of a better name for a Nordic Walker than Diane Walkowiak. This Omaha sports columnist wrote “Making Strides with Nordic Walking,” in which she summarizes the stalled state of Nordic Walking in this country. She bought poles, watched videos and stumbled around while trying to feel comfortable and get real benefit – and overcoming the DIY frustration. She managed, in a DIA fashion, to achieve a semblance of skill and enjoy some satisfying results. I am assuming that she is healthy, somewhat (or very) athletic and has no trepidation about trying something new. She managed. Most people, I daresay, would have given up.

If only the basics of Nordic Walking instruction were available in Omaha, and  if classes were easy to find there (or anywhere) and elsewhere in this country. The American Nordic Walking “community,” if there is such a thing, remains a house divided — with no single and much-needed resource for finding poles, instruction and walking companions for those who would enjoy the companionable aspects. An Internet search for “Nordic Walking, Omaha” brings up 13 results, including two Tae Kwan DO schools, a local soccer club, the Absolute Serenity Day Spa, a dentist and a couple of national sites that purportedly sell poles. The most promising result was Tiger Coaching & Personal Training, a gym with no mention at all of Nordic Walking. Omaha is not unlike most of America when it comes to access to instruction or support. Sadly.

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