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Free Sample Class in Santa Monica

NordicBody-logoMalin Svensson, the L.A. area’s energetic proponent of Nordic Walking and founder of Nordic Body fitness, hosts a free community fitness event on Sunday, March 28 from 10 to 11:15 a.m. She leads a Nordic Walking class to kick off an eight-week body makeover program. The group meets at Perry’s Café, 2600 Bernard Way (end of Ocean Park Boulevard) in Santa Monica. The first 30 people to register online get an included pole rental, and everyone has a shot at a six-week package of Nordic Walking classes ($110 value).


ANWA Schedules Mega Training Event

Two days of Nordic Walking and Smovey training and certification in Los Angeles.

ANWA-logoThe American Nordic Walking Association has scheduled a two-day Nordic Walking event in LA on November 22-23 for  all enthusiastic Nordic Walkers and motivated health and wellness professionals too. Two ANWA Master Coaches, Gottfried Kürmer from Vienna, Austria and Bernd Zimmermann from Los Angeles, founder and president of the American Nordic Walking Association, in combination with their local ANWA trainers. The scheduled includes workshops and basic certification seminars for beginners and ANWA certification seminars for Advanced and Professional Nordic Walking Instructors.

The event includes the opportunity for a closer look at such other exercise training options as BungyPump, Trekking, and Wrap’nGo for Weight-Loss.
There are also integrated workshops from the hottest fitness trend from Europe like the Smovey Vibro-Swing System, two rings weighing 500 grams each that are used to combine fitness, health and weight loss. In case you’re wondering as I was, Smovey stands for SWING, MOVE and SMILE. Nordic Walking poles and the Smovey Vibro-Swing System are provided during this workshop and seminar.

Click here for the schedule, not just in Los Angeles but also in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Jacksonville and elsewhere in the sunbelt in the next few weeks.


‘Nordic Walking Queen’ Retires

Linda Lemke, advocate for Nordic Walking, calls it a career.

Linda Lemke
Linda Lemke

Ever since Nordic Walking slipped into the fringes of US fitness consciousness, Linda Lemke was one of its strongest advocates. I’m not even sure what her official title was at Hoigaard’s, a fantastic sporting goods store based in the Minneapolis, but she called herself the “Nordic Walking Queen.” And so she was — holding classes, leading walks and building up enthusiasm. In fact, I have often referred the Twin Cities as a hotbed or Nordic Walking — and so it as been, thanks to Linda Lemke.

A very few days ago, she posted on her Facebook page, “Woke up this morning and I’m not thinking about work.  First day of being retired, yahoo!”  I hope someone steps up to put on her crown, but frankly, I’m not optimistic. Top Nordic Walking pole manufacturers from Europe have largely given up on the American market, and every effort at presenting a unified marketing and public image presence for fitness walking with poles has failed. Nordic Walking in this country remains Balkanized — just a time when fitness-conscious boomers are, like Linda herself, retiring and open to new, less aggressive ways of retaining their fitness levels.

Thanks for a job well done, Linda.


Canada’s Sun Peaks Adds Nordic Walking

Sun Peaks-logoCanada’s Sun Peaks Resort, a year-round, destination north of Kamloops in interior British Columbia, is adding Nordic Walking, or as they call it Nordic Pole Walking, to its summer program. Discover Sun Peaks Adventures, which handles the resort’s activities program, will be offering introductory and intermediate clinics throughout the summer with experienced instructors and interpretive guides to teach the technique while exploring the walking and hiking trails at Sun Peaks.

The two-hour introductory program begins at 10 a.m. on the following Saturdays: June 22, June 29, July 13, August 3, August 18, August 31 and September 14. Those who have completed the Discover Nordic Walking program can “graduate” to the  Discover Alpine Nordic Walking program, a 2½-hour program, still described as “novice” but on upper-mountain trails. It takes place at 1 p.m. on the following Saturdays: July 13,  August 3,   August 31, plus Sunday, August 18. If you’ve had a bit of Nordic Walking experience, you might ask whether you can participate without the intro session.

Each session costs CDN$39 for  instruction and interpretive guided program, plus use of Keenfit Nordic Walking poles and, for the Alpine option, one uphill ride on the Sunburst chairlift.

Book through the Sun Peaks Adventure Centre located in the Village Day Lodge or call 250-578-5542.

Nordic Walking Classes Start in Broomfield

Paul Derda Center

Broomfield, Colorado’s exemplary Paul Derda Recreation Center is starting Nordic Walking classes on Thursday, May 3.  I haven’t been able to find any info about the classes on-line, and I haven’t had a chance to phone either. I don’t know who is teaching them either. But the Daily Camera did indicate that the classes start at 8:30 a.m. and cost $32-$48 for an unspecified number of sessions. Those rates might be resident/non-resident fees or depend on whether or not poles are included. The rec center is at 13201 Lowell Boulevard, Broomfield. For more information or to register, call 303-460-6900.

Nordic Walking Technique on YouTube

Kanteneva video is Nordic Walking short course

Beginners needing tips on how to start Nordic Walking and experienced Nordic Walkers wanting a quick refresher ought to check out a YouTube video feature Marko Kanteneva, a Nordic Walking pioneer who continues to promote Original Nordic Walking to differentiate it (however so slightly) from other brands. The vidoe shows him Nordic Walking at regular speed and in slow motion, includes illustrations of muscles engaged during Nordic Walking and shows uphill and downhill technique as well as walking on the flat.


Malin Svensson’s Free Weight Loss Teleseminar

Nordic Walking authority shares tips & advice

Malin Svensson

Malin Svensson, Nordic Walking and fitness expert in Los Angeles is hosting a FREE teleseminar called “8 Simple Steps to Lose Weight, Look Great and Feel Sexy!” on Tuesday, January 10, at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Click here to sign up online (scroll down to the simple registration form).

The teleseminar will not be Nordic Walking-specific,  although Svensson has sterling credentials. Originally from Sweden, she came to the United States in 1989 with a Masters Degree in Physical Education. Among her numerous credentials are several in Nordic Walking: First INWA (International Nordic Walking Association) Master Trainer in North America and is one of the four INWA International Coaches in the
INWA-certified International Nordic Walking Coach. Founder and president of Nordic Body Inc., a California wellness company helping people get fit to stay fit at any age. President of NWNA (Nordic Walking North America), an educational organization for fitness professionals. Founder of Nordic Walking USA, an informational resource on Nordic Walking (and not associated with this Nordic-Walking-USA blog). Author of Nordic Walking instructor manuals and subject of numerous fitness articles.


Polin’ with Paley

Jayah Faye Paley came to Boulder — and we went for a walk

The other day, I wrote a post called “Jayah Faye Paley Coming to Boulder” about the well-known and highly regarding pole advocate, personal trainer and mobility coach  presentations in at REI in Boulder on Thuraday and group hike with poles in Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday morning. I couldn’t attend on Thursday because I had a previous commitment but I understand it was SRO in the store, and Saturday morning is out, because the Paley-led “Waterfall Hike with Poles” to Ouzel Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park for the Rocky Mountain Nature Association is sold out.

Jayah adjusting poles in my front hall.

I was able to spend higher quality time with Jayah. She had been planning to meet Randy from Lafayette and Charee from Parker on Thursday morning for a walk somewhere in Boulder. My house was a good, central place, so we rendezvoused here on a misty, gray morning with clouds hanging low on the foothills. After some tea and chat, the four of us set off for Eben Fine Park with a plan to walk into Boulder Canyon on the Boulder Creek Trail at least to the end of the pavement, but the city is working on the footbridge, so we had to detour and in the end, because Jayah had a schedule, we only walked through the park and a short distance into the canyon.

No hard-core instruction by Jayah, but rather gentle technical hints and stops hear and there to stretch.

The casual walk gave us a chance to chat, and I admire Jayah’s philosophy. She is keyed into different uses for different kinds of poles by people with different needs and desires, from hardcord hikers to people with balance or mobility issues. As we were entering the canyon, an older couple with poles was coming downhill toward us (sorry, I didn’t snap a photo). They both had old downhill ski poles. He was simply carrying his; she was rather randomly tapping the ground with hers. We stopped and chatted for a few minutes, commenting about how unusual it was for six people with poles to be on the same stretch of the path. The couple said they liked walking with their poles — but I could help but think how much more they would have liked them with a little basic coaching on what poles meet their needs and how to use them. We mentioned that Jayah was giving a free presentation about poles at REI just a few hours later. They looked baffled and politely went on their way.

The Boulder Creek Path on a misty, Shangri-La type of morning.

Nordic Walking Notes from Colorado

Boulder County leads the way with programs for beginners & beyond

Is Nordic Walking finally getting a toehold in Colorado? I certainly hope so. I was delighted when I saw a front page story on May 23  in the Denver Post’s Fitness section called “Take Your Workout to the Great Outdoors.” There was a photo of Annette Tannander-Bank leading a Nordic Walking class — not walking in that particular shot but doing lunges with poles for stability as part of the warm-up, strengthening and cool-down exercises that instructors favor, and that people like me don’t bother with. I’m more of a grab-and-go walker. I grab my poles and I go.

Annette coaching a beginning Nordic Walker in proper arm position at North Boulder Park.

The Post piece was about outdoor workouts in general, and reporter Sheba K. Wheeler listed 20 in the metro area. Of those, several were walking programs including some specificially Nordic Walking. One was a one-day intro last Saturday, but the following are still available. 

  • Intermediate Nordic Walking, Annette leads two classes on Mondays at 12:00 noon at Boulder’s  Scott Carpenter Park and on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. at North Boulder Park. Walk-in fee is $10 or a Rallysport Health & Fitness Club punch card., plus $5 for optional pole rentals. 303-449-4800.
  • Nordic Walking, introductory program offered the first and third Saturdays of every month. Meet at Fleet Feet Sports, 2624 Broadway (at Alpine), Boulder. $5 walk-in fee; participants may borrow poles from the store. 303-939-8000.
  • Nordic Walking, Tuesdays, 6-7 p.m. from June 14-July 5, and Thursdays, 8-9 a.m., June 16-July 7. No drop-ins. $42 for residents and $48 for non-residents, including use of poles. Broomfield Recreation Center, Broomfield County Commons, 13200 Sheridan Boulevard, Broomfield.

Paley’s Pole Presentations at REI

'Poles for Balance & Mobility' DVD.

On Wednesday, June 9, Jayah Faye Paley, creator of two DVDs on walking with poles, will be at Boulder’s REI giving two free presentations — one on each DVD. From 3:45-5:15 p.m., the topic is balance, mobility and functional walking showing people with with mobility issues can use poles to improve gait, posture, endurance, function and  strength. That class is full, indicating how much of a need there is for it. From 6:30-8:00 p.m., shedemonstrates how to expand hiking horizons and improve health with poles.

Paley is based in Pacifica, California, where she runs Adventure Buddies, which promotes use of the outdoors (including Nordic Walking) and creating a network of people who enjoy outdoor recreation for health and fitness. She is also a personal trainer and mobility coach , using poles to help people stay as active as they can as long as they can under a program called Poles for Mobility.

ANWA in Colorado

As part of its nationwide schedule, the American Nordic Walking Association presents three levels of training and certification to the Denver area in mid-July. The four-hour Nordic Walking Guide Workshop ($149) for people who want to lead primarily groups of social Nordic Walkers, July 16; eight-hour Basic Instructor Training & Certification Seminar ($236 for registration before June 16, $355 after, $284 for ANWA members); July 16-17, 12-hour Advanced Instructor Training & Certification Seminar for those holding Basic certification ($288 for registration before June 16, $45 after, $360 for ANWA members). Denver area location to be announced.

Nordic Walking Open House on Monday

Great Lakes Nordic Walking Pros Organize Twin Cities event

The energetic coaches and instructors behind Great Lakes Nordic Walkers are holding on open house on Monday, May 9 at the Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield, Minnesota, from 2:00 to 7:30 p.m. It’s the place to go for free mini-lessons to sample variations on the theme of health and fitness walking with specially designed poles –and use of  poles is also free with an ID. Great Lakes Nordic Walkers was the host group of the 2010 Nordic Walking Expo, which had some weather issues. So this rain-or-shine event will be held indoors if it’s raining.

The schedule:

2:00 Nordic Walking for Balance and Mobility with Tom Rutlin / Exerstrider

2:30 What’s all the Buzz about all these poles? with Linda Lemke / Nordic Walking Queen

3:00 Exerstrider Technique with Tom Rutlin / Exerstrider

3:30 What’s all the Buzz about all these poles? with Rhea Kontos / Nordic Walk this Way

4:00 Active Body / Active Aging and Nordic Walking with Linda Lemke / Nordic Walking Queen

4:30 What’s all the Buzz about all these poles? / Brian Glader / Midwest Mountaineering

5:00 Girl Scout Walking Badge / Linda Lemke / Nordic Walking Queen

5:30 Nordic Poles for Runners (endurance training and injury recovery) Rhea Kontos / Nordic Walk this Way

6:30 Group Walk around Wood Lake. Your choice of once or twice around. 60 min max