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Another Use for Nordic Walking Poles

It started snowing yesterday morning in the greater Denver area, and it didn’t stop until mid-day today. The snow fell soft and straight, without drifting, so it “lay round about, deep and crisp and even” — as in the King Wenceslas song. There was little traffic, so Boulder became a city for walking — not necessarily Nordic Walking because most people had all they could do to shovel thin paths through the snow, making poling awkward. How deep was it? I used my 105-cm Nordic Walking poles to measure the accumulation in front of my house. To be totally upfront, I did lean the poles against a hump created by snow piled on top of a yew, but even without the bush, it measured to more than 20 inches from the ground.
Today was perfect for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing rather than Nordic Walking, but I figure that anything that involves being outside on a mild day with soft snow and few vehicles is a big bonus. I saw a couple cross-country skiing down Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian zone in the heart of downtown. The melt won’t be too much fun, but today was quite magical.

I Got New Nordic Walking Poles

I’ve gotten new poles, and even after a few short outings, I’m loving them. My barely broken-in Exel Sport poles are comfortable, lightweight and well-balanced. I’m a walker, not a runner, and though like so many people, I could lose a few pounds, but I’m not a heavyweight. Therefore, my demands are not extreme, and the Sport model seems to suit me just fine. The company says, “The Nordic Walker Sport pole is designed for aggressive Nordic Walkers who seek excellent performance and durability from their equipment.” Sounds good to me.

Having tried and borrowed various poles in various places, I don’t believe that there are any really bad poles out there, but rather variations on the theme of Nordic Walking poles. People seem to have different preferences in terms of materials, grip, strap, even color and more.

When I started writing about snowshoeing, I had the same sense that they were all remarkably good, differing in shape, deck material, binding and so on. But on the whole, there appear to be no lemons either in Nordic Walking poles nor in snowshoes. My new poles haven’t taken me far beyond my immediate neighborhood (photo, right) yet, but I know that they will.