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Spaniard Sets Nordic Walking Ultra Records

Gabriel Abraham sets endurance records in walking with poles

I recently learned about Gabriel Abraham, a Spaniard who broke absolute and M-45 Word Records of Ultra Nordic Walking st 30 and 50 miles. His Wikipedia entry alludes to his previous athletic career in “road running, track running and cross-country races.” He was born in 1966, so he’s no longer a kid, which might explain the reason that he, like other runners, picked up poles and started excelling as a Nordic Walking competitor.

There is no indication as to whether he set these records in a race an if so, which?, or whether he was walking by himself with someone was timing him. Department of Unanswered Questions — except maybe for those who read Spanish. If I could, I would know more, at least from the external links on the Wikipedia page, but I don’t. So there you have it: an amazing athlete with a fairly high profile (given his sports) in Spain whom we know virtually nothing about. I invite anyone with more information to leave an enlightening comment. Please.