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Livestrong Acknowledges Nordic Walking

Lance Amstrong’s foundation’s website & its curious Nordic Walking article

I admire Lance Armstrong, not just for winning seven consecutive Tours de France but for doing so as a cancer survivor and since then, for supporting individuals and organizations doing battle with cancer and working to find a cure. I was gratified to find an article about Nordic Walking on the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s Livestrong website, but again, puzzled at the content. Called “How to Measure Nordic Walking Sticks” by Marie Mulrooney (who might or might not be the Marie Mulroomey from Anchorage), it sounds very British. “Sticks” instead of poles, centimeters instead of inches and so on.

The article is fine as far as it goes, and as I wrote, I’m happy that so important an organization paid any heed at all to Nordic Walking, but it never addresses what one does with sticks/poles once the measuring is complete, and it is illustrated by a surprising photo from Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images.

The man in front is using poles, but the five people of various sizes who are following him are pole-free. What’s that all about?


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