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New 3-Piece ‘Anniversary Pole’ from Exerstrider

TR3 added to top strapless pole line

A quarter of a century ago, a cerebral runner named Tom Rutlin  began marketing the strapless Exerstrider fitness walking pole and with it, a more upright walking style that contrasted to the aggressive forward lean of the original European Nordic Walking technique. With further developments, Exerstriders found a special niche among seniors and people with balance issues or other physical challenges.


The TR3 — not s snappy vintage Triumph sports car but the latest model — the Exerstrider 25th Anniversary Edition TR3 is a travel/adventure 3-piece total body walking pole designed to deliver the same world class performance, value and quality as the popular OS2 model, but with the added convenience of telescoping down to just 25 inches for ultimate convenience when traveling or stowing in a pack or suitcase. It is suitable for use by walkers from 4 feet 6 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall. Precise adjustment is accomplished via EZ-fit size markings on the lower shaft and a cam locking system. Adjustable poles are  suitable for anyone who travels by air and doesn’t want to leave home without them, for growing children and for people who want poles to share with family members or friends of different heights. The TR3 features celebratory graphics of black, gold and silver.

Other features of the T53:

  • Exerstrider’s exclusive ERGO /SC ergonomic strapless grips designed for unrestricted comfort and safety.
  • Equipped with both hardened carbide tips and CushionGrip tips.
  • A pair of “trekking” baskets installed, as well as a pair of large interchangeable snow baskets for snowshoeing or winter walking.
  • Included is Tom Rutlin’s 5-star rated Exerstride Method Nordic Walking instructional video (DVD) and printed instruction manual and user guide ($19.95 value if purchased separately).
  • Grip socks for added comfort.

The TR3 25th anniversary edition runs $114.95 per pair, including the accessory package. Shipping is free. Order online.