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Costco Carrying Walking Pole

Low-cost, multi-activity poles in stock at big box discounter

Costco is now carrying inexpensive (i.e., $24.99) all-purpose poles from China imported by Synergy Sportz LLC of Pocasset, Massachusetts. These adjustable aluminum poles are labeled as “All Season Trekking Poles” by Yukon Charlie’s, a company best known for snowshoes. Each pair of poles comes packed in a plastic shell along with Nordic Walking paws and baskets for snowshoeing or ski-touring. 

For the record, I have never advocated cheap imports except for people who cannot afford higher-quality ones or for people loathe to make a bigger investment until they know whether they enjoy Nordic Walking. I know all the false economy arguments, but human nature is just that and some people just look at the price tag.

This post is simply informational and not a recommendation. I haven’t used the poles, but merely grasped a handle that stuck out of the plastic, but here are some photos:

The sign above this Costco display identifies them as Yukon Charlie's poles, priced at under $25.


Sign on display extolls the benefits of using poles. It is not Nordic Walking-specific, but there was a photo of a Nordic Walker on the display.


Poles and acccessories neatly packaged in clamshell plastic.


Hangtag includes instructions.


The cork handle was actually quite comfortable, but I don't know the pole's swingweight feels like or how easy it is to catch, so it it impossible to tell how it is in a real walking situation.